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Hand Washing

I’ve developed a new theory for washing dishes.  I used to think it was easier to do a large load of dishes at once.  The problem was the bigger the pile became, the more I avoided doing dishes.  I usually ended up needing to fill multiple sinks full of water to get the job done. 

I’m hand washing dishes when I have 3-4 dishes that need to be done.  I let a few items soak while I work on a different chore. I wash the dishes until they are done or the water gets dirty.   When the water is dirty, I wash off the first layer of dirt off the dirtiest pots and pans.  Then I save what are left of the dishes for another day.

The plan is nothing spectacular, but it’s happening.   I know I should wash dishes the moment they get dirty and wash all of them until they are done, but that is not happening at this point.  Babty steps.   Now I have to put all of these little tricks together to make a clean house. 

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I learned something about my life through flossing.   I am flossing more.  Honestly, it’s not that flossing is my highest priority goal.  I want to do it more, but there are plenty of other goals that are more important to me.

The reason it is happening more is for a couple of reasons.

  • I am tracking it using a habit tracking app.  Every night I’m clicking whether or not I flossed.  It acts as a reminder for me to do it and also shows me how consistently (or not)  I have been doing it.


  • The other part is that it is something I can squeeze in right before bed because it is short and easy.  It almost takes more time to debate doing it than just to do it.

I’m hoping I can apply some of these ideas to some of my cleaning goals to make it more consistent.

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Pick Up

P is for pick up.  I will be starting to do that after I write this and my Q post.   Well, honestly first I will make coffee.   I vacuumed last week, but did a really hurried pick up so the counters and tables and floor are too cluttered.   I don’t mind the task, but I tend to get easily distracted.  I will put one thing away and then start cleaning a different area.  I will straight or organize an area I wasn’t planning on.   I might take time to reminisce and look at books or photos.   I do the best when I can force myself to stick to small visual spaces.  

  • Clean up stuff on big chair
  • Clean up behind chair
  • Clean up coffee table
  • Clean under coffee table

If I can stick to those objective steps and stay on task, I am much more motivated and see progress faster.   Now to find ways to get the kids to help me more.  I am trying to get them in charge of cleaning up a small section of the house that is primarily used for their toys.   Clean up this room before we do __________.  They want me to help them and I am trying to do less and direct more.  If you have any tips or blog posted related to kids cleaning up, I’d love to hear about it. 

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Kick start

I am ready to kick start my day.   I love weekend mornings.  I love having the flexibility to relax and start getting tasks done.  I love having a loose deadline of tasks I want to complete before lunch or before going to the gym. 

I also love that moment where I am kick started into a cleaning burst.   I feel productive and motivated.  The time goes quickly and I move from one task to a next cleaning and organizing.  Unfortunately,   I don’t know how to start those bursts.  I’ve learned know that I can’t schedule them because I often loose endurance and often don’t get as much as I’ve hoped done.

I’m off to make coffee and French Toast.  Then I will start cleaning the house before a birthday party.   Enjoy your day!



E is for energy.  I often use energy as an excuse of why I am not doing something.  I’m too tired.   What I am trying to figure out is the cost versus gain? 

  • Will doing the task make me less tired, more tired, or about the same?
  • Will the task be more fun/easier later?
  • Am I actually going to go to bed/rest if I don’t do that?
  • Am I stressed out rather than tired?
  • How long will it take to complete?
  • Can I relax better after the task is out of the way?

I often find that I get a second wind after everyone goes to bed and I am relaxing.   I am no longer tired and stay up later than I intend.  While some down time is needed at times,  I may be using my energy as an excuse.    If I have the energy to do fun stuff, I likely just don’t want to do the task and am procrastinating.


Projects then basics

I have been tackling some mini projects.   I organized the play kitchen and art supplies—thanks to plastic drawers.   We also finally put the Christmas and random other items into the attic so there is more space in the guest room.  There are still plenty of projects to tackle.  Organizing the filing cabinet and the puzzles and coloring books are next on my list.

Right now my goal is to get back to the basics of kitchen, laundry, clutter, and surfaces.  I am off for spring break so my goal is to stay productive and keep the house clean.   I don’t really care what I’m doing that is productive as long as it is purposeful.  Off to start the laundry.    

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Clean House

We had a lovely get together watching Frozen.   The house was clean.  There was still piles hiding and plenty of projects, but most of the surfaces and floors were cleared and clean.  I realized that once the clutter is gone.  The actually cleaning (sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, etc)  really isn’t too bad. 

Today was lovely has I had the whole day without a huge to-do list of basic chores.  I could get a work out in, go to the library, and  play games with my family. It was relaxing to not feel like I should be cleaning something.   Now to keep it that way. 

I am off to get ready for the work week.  Maybe I will do a few small chores so the mess doesn’t attack while I sleep.

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Ready, Set . . . . .

I am about ready to start cleaning.  I have 3 families coming over on Saturday and need to have the main level  and basement cleaned.  I took some time last week to start decluttering, but while useful had a minimal impact on the visual appeal of the house.  Then our family got sick.   Now I have 3 days to get the house clean. 

Aaah!  I always have a grand plan of going from chaos to sparkling in a short period of time.  My first plan is to take  the garbage bag I should refill and walk around the house with it picking up things that should be tossed.    First, I need to get the kids to the bus. 

Wish me luck!

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Slacking off

I have been slacking off on house work lately.   I can’t blame it on time, lack of support, or the kids.   I’ve been lazy.  There were opportunities when it wouldn’t have taken that much longer to quickly get something done before relaxing or when I could have done something while I was talking with my husband. 

Here’s to trying to get back on track.  I need to step up my game with exercise and cleaning.  There is always an excuse if I want to find it.  Happy cleaning!

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Weekend To Do List

  • Exercise at the gym
  • Get Groceries
  • Sweep floor
  • Sort Papers
  • Clean Bathrooms

Honestly my attempt at my to do list was lame.  I did enjoy some mellow time with the family.  We played board games and also went ice skating.  We washed a pile of clothes (s0me of which still need to be put away).   Off to put on a TED talk and one final productive burst before bed.  Early morning.

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