In Pursuit of an Organized Life

. . . putting life in order

Making machines work!

Nothing exciting.  It’s been a long week—lots of meetings and paperwork at work.  On the positive side,  I had a great workout class at the gym.  I have missed Tabata.

Tonight’s goal is to keep the circle of life going with dishes and laundry.  I started the dishes and laundry going.   I have time for another load of dishes before bed, but missed the window for getting another load of laundry in.  That’s okay because I still have 2 clean baskets of clothes to fold (never mind the one that will soon be in the dryer.  Off to put my work stuff away, send an important email, load dishes in the dish washer, switch laundry, and hydrate.

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Pajama Day!

I declare today “Pajama Day” or as my daughters say “PeeGee Day”.   It’s snowing, the kids are playing kitty, and I have finnished folding a huge pile of laundry.  If I didn’t have to deal with clothes or dishes, my house would be cleaner.

In all honesty,  it wasn’t that bad.  The washer and drier did most of the work.  I could relax and fold clothes while watching the “Amazing Race”.   Now if only I could find those missing socks . . . .


Folding Socks

I hate folding socks. A sea of socks of different socks in a pile. You sort and search and think you find a match—-no it is 2cm shorter. Oh wait—–here it is. . . No the pattern is different. Oh here is the match!!! Success!!!! WAIT hold on—-there’s a hole in it.

It takes longer or at least feels longer than many chores. There is always a pile of similar, but unmatching orphan socks. Do I throw them in the laundry and hope it finds its match in the next load? Did I match two socks incorrectly? Was the sock left at the park never to return? Did the laundry fairies take it for their nest? Do I keep it in a bag of lonely socks to be sorted through twice a year? Do I throw it away only to find it the next day?

Living in the midwest, matching socks will always be a necessary evil. Male socks aren’t too bad. Most are relatively similar and I can buy a bag of 30 matching socks. I swear there must be some rule on kids and women socks. Socks must be sold in packs of 2-4 socks and each be slightly different from each other. A value pack of socks is considered a whopping 6 pairs of socks.

Vent complete. Enjoy your day!