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Returning to What Works

I remember attending a workshop about organizing and the instructor asking about what used to work for you in the past.  She then asked why aren’t you still doing that.   In most of the examples that I thought of, there was no good answer.

I’m finding that now.  I got busy and cut out the stuff I know that helps me.  So I’m going to get back into what worked for me before.

  • Exercising to improve my mood
  • Monthly meal plans
  • Using same motivational techniques that worked for potty training to help motivate my daughter to read

Off to sort the kids clothes and put away summer stuff while the kids are playing downstairs.

Enjoy the weekend!


Quote of the Week

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over.”

John Wooden

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Seizing the Moment

This weekend we went the apple orchard.  We picked fruit and enjoyed the playground.  A family outing for a beautiful fall day.  It wasn’t planned, but it was something we talked about and now was as good as any.  We could have easily said—-oh next weekend we’ll do it or we will do it next year.  We may have had 3 more days we could do that or this might have been it.

There is value in planning, but there is also value in doing what makes sense in the moment.  I’m finding that with cleaning too.   Just seizing small moments to quickly sweep or tidy.  Yesterday, I cleaned the toilets while I was waiting for my family to get ready to go.  It made waiting less frustrating and also got that small task out-of-the-way.  By just tackling little moments, I’m finding that more things get done at least when times are busy.

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No Post

Deciding to spend my time I would spend writing a post to actually clean up some clutter.  Have a great day!

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My Cleaning Style

So here is what I learned so far about my cleaning habits:

  • I clean more on the weekends than weekdays
  • I clean better when there is music on, but worse when tv is done
  • I clean the most when there is a social motivator (People are coming!!!)
  • I do best when I complete one type of tasks (all the windows, all the floors, etc)
  • I enjoy cleaning more when I have the house to myself and a clear deadline
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Quote of the We…

Quote of the Week

I wish I remember where it came from.  If you know, tell me.  


“Worrying doesn’t stop bad things from happening, but it keeps you from enjoying the good times”


 I’ve been thinking about it all week and it’s been a good reminder.

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