In Pursuit of an Organized Life

. . . putting life in order


In a few weeks, I will be returning to work at a new school. The school is year round and sounds like it is a positive place to work. I also get to work with another speech therapist. I love to bounce ideas off another person. The person leaving has been super supportive and left some good materials.

While I’m excited to be at the school and return to work, transitions have always been difficult for me. Even postivie ones (vacation, summer, husband back to work) take a little while for me to adjust to mentally and emotionally. There are so many things that will be brand new—-students, staff, schedule, Lance working, daycare. How will I do on my current goals and pursuits, what will my days be like, will I get along with everyone. will the kids behave in daycare, will she ever get potty trained, how willl I make time for me, the girls, and Lance in the evenings? Now most likely everything will work out one way or another—like it always has.

Any tips for making transitions easier? Its the balance between trying to get everything done that I wanted to do over the summer and enjoying what is left day by day. Try to prepare for the future and be in the present. My current plan is to try to get some of the house stuff and daycare stuff taken care of beforehand (plan meals, buy supplies, etc). Then work stuff I plan on just doing the fun stuff (making materials, reading textbooks, etc) until I start teacher workshops. And exercise and take time for myself so I don’t drive my husband crazy. Now we will see if I can pull the plan off. Plans and reality are often so different.

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