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Closet Help!!

We are currently in the process of redoing our closet.   It is being expanded and hopefully it will be reorganized.  I want to do it right and find a way to keep it organized.  Any tips or advise you have are appreciated. I know I need some  help organizing.  I need to get rid of items that don’t work for whatever reason.  I also need to build my wardrobe since I’ve avoided shopping and spending money on clothes for far to long.

 Below are some of my questions:

  • What kind of hangers should I buy?
  • How do I organize my space?
  • How do I decide what to fold and what to hang?
  • How much clothes do I keep that are not my current size (up and down)?
  • What basics should I have in my closet?
  • Which clothes do I keep?  Which clothes do I upgrade?
  • How do I do all of this without spending a fortune?
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Off Running

I got a 1.5 mile run in today.  It wasn’t for as long as I would have liked, but I was happy with the pace.   I found that I was much happier after the run than before.  I felt like I accomplished more after work than I have lately (or maybe I am just happier with what I accomplished).  

I have been slacking on exercise lately.  It was a long enough stretch that I’d forgotten how good working out felt in those moments of deciding whether or not to exercise. 

It’s funny how things that help the most regarding productivity are the first to be cut.  Speaking of which, I should head to sleep before my 7:30 meeting feels any earlier. 

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Other People’s To Do List

I’ve been focusing more on what I need to get done for other people.  I’ve been helping my husband more with projects.   Visiting with him while he works or cleaning up when he is done.  At work, I’ve been trying to think of what reports and information I need to get to other team members or families.  I’ve also been trying to think through Christmas shopping lists and figure what I have and what I need.

This strategy has helped me to focus on a few tasks at a time rather than  several items.  It has also helped making me feel less overwhelmed and frustrated when I don’t target all of my personal goals and items. 

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Yeah! Ear plugs!

I’ve discovered a secret towards my productivity.  Tiny orange pieces of foam.   I keep simple ear plugs in my work bag and pull them out when I want to concentrate.  It keeps me from listening to every conversation and getting distracted by every noise.  It doesn’t block everything out, but it’s enough to turn a loud conversation into a quiet one and eliminate small noises.   I was amazed at how much more work I could get done when they were in.