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New Years Themes

I’m enjoying the slower pace of life right now. Spending much needed time with family. I’ve decided to focus on themes rather than resolutions for this year. Life is so variable that having specific goals seem more like a source of stress. I’d rather focus on themes and have areas to focus on and see where life leads. For this year, I want to focus on organization, fitness, and social.

  • Organization—-I want to be able to find what I need and have things I love taken care of.  I want my home to reflect my personality and be better able to support my lifestyle and interests.
  • Fitness—-I’m happy with my weight, but I miss where I was athletically and where I think I can be.   I’ve fallen out of the habit of exercising and notice the impact it’s had on my mood.
  • Social—-I want to strengthen the relationships that I value and create new ones.  Life is busy, but I want to find ways to connect with people in a more meaningful way.

I have read some quotes on blogs that have stuck with me over the past few weeks.  Unfortunately, I don’t recall off the top of my head the blogs or the exact quotes.  “Compare yourself to where you were yesterday”  It’s easy to focus on how I’m doing based on where I want to be,  other people’s progress, or in the remote past.  It’s a nice reminder to take baby steps and value progress no matter how small.

The other quote was related to getting tasks done right away rather than waiting.  It’s easy to think oh I’ll have an opportunity to do that later and then later life gets in the way.

Enjoy the end of 2012!

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Well cleaning hasn’t gone as planned lately.  Probably because I haven’t been planning.  I’ve done dishes and laundry  and not a whole lot else.  I’m amazed from looking at my chore app how much time those chores take up. 

I wish I had a great excuse, but I don’t.  Life is busy, but that will always be the case.  I made a good burst of cleaning effort last night and at least got the main surfaces in the kitchen and family room cleared off.   Off to make coffee and hopefully make a dent on the mess.

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Health Re-entry

I survived a weekend bout with the flu.   3 out of 4 family members had it along with a group of local extended family members.  Now I feel like I am planning my re-entry to life.  The benefit of being sick was that I did have some time where I gave myself permission to just do the bare necessities.   Are the kids safe?  Are the healthy family members fed?  Once those were checked off I gave myself permission to relax and sleep.

Now there is the fact of trying to play catch up with what didn’t get done as well as make progress on previous goals before getting sick.   Accomplishing this without pushing it too far and missing out on self care or sleep.  The other risk is that I will use the “I was sick” excuse for way too long and be lazy.

Considering this is my first day of working after being sick, I’m going to load the dishwasher and head to bed.  My goal for tonight was let the appliances be productive for me—load of laundry in dryer—-supper for tommorrow loaded in crock pot—-dishes unloaded and ready to be loaded.

Have a great day!

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