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H is for heavy.   H was one of the first letters that I had to really think of to come up with a topic I liked.   Home or heart seemed like a natural H word for an organizing blog, but I didn’t have much to say about either of those topics at the moment.

I picked heavy because I am trying to downsize in my life.   Most literally, I am trying to lighten the load that I am carrying in my work bag that I carry every day to work.  Today I carried my bag 10 different times.  Since I am going in and out of my car and buildings several times a day, the weight of my bag can cause pain or discomfort.  I want to have what I need available, but I often don’t know what that will be.   I try to keep some go to forms, handouts, and materials with me.  There is a slippery slow with having the basics with and having everything I may need “someday” in my bag.

I am also trying to downsize the areas of my life where the clutter feels heavy.  Those moments where I spend scrambling past items that I don’t use to get to the few items I use on a regular basis.   Those areas of my house that weigh me down instead of energizing me.



C is for Cost.   What are the costs of being disorganized? Like so many situations it boils down to time and money.


  • Buy stuff that I already have
  • Stuff breaks because it wasn’t taken care of
  • Loose something and need to buy it again


  • Waste time looking for items
  • Spend extra time cleaning and organizing instead of other tasks
  • Spend time picking up clutter over and over and over
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Projects then basics

I have been tackling some mini projects.   I organized the play kitchen and art supplies—thanks to plastic drawers.   We also finally put the Christmas and random other items into the attic so there is more space in the guest room.  There are still plenty of projects to tackle.  Organizing the filing cabinet and the puzzles and coloring books are next on my list.

Right now my goal is to get back to the basics of kitchen, laundry, clutter, and surfaces.  I am off for spring break so my goal is to stay productive and keep the house clean.   I don’t really care what I’m doing that is productive as long as it is purposeful.  Off to start the laundry.    

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