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What can I control?

I am starting to realize that the amount of what I can control is very limited. Logically, I’ve known that for a while. There are tons of self help books and inspirational quotes that say “You can’t change other people” and “Accept what is”. I’m starting to realize that more deeply and emotionally.

I have always enjoyed feeling in control and knowing what is going on.  I felt more comfortable in leadership positions than in a “worker bee” position.  I liked knowing what to expect and surprises were kind of a love/hate relationships.  I enjoyed the thrill of what might be coming, but often over analized the “What ifs”

In some ways, it’s kind of sad. To feel like even if I do everything right that things can still go up in smoke or that the plan that I carefully crafted no longer applies to the current situation.

In other ways, there is kind of a peace that comes with accepting it. I don’t feel as much pressure to make the perfect long range plan. I focus more on what decisions need to be made today, this week, and this month. I am getting better at (but not mastered) not thinking about a decision if I am missing critical pieces of information that is out of my hands.

How does this affect my life today?

  • have a loose long range plan
  • spending more time figuring out whether the decision needs to be done now or if it can wait
  • adapting to change of plans rather than clinging to what I wanted to do before the situation changed

The Challenges

  • finding the balance between being flexible and planning
  • not using a flexible schedule for being an excuse for not getting things done
  • finding a balance between saving money, items, and activities for a rainy day  versus never getting around to using or experiencing them
  • not wanting to be caught unprepared versus preparing for problems that might never come
  • being okay with living with uncertainty
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