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Cleaning versus Clutter

I’ve started the focus of this year more on the basics.  Get the main level and bathrooms looking alright on a consistent basis.  I saved dealing with clutter for those magical bursts of time that I would have free sometime in the future.  Needless to say those bursts of time have not happened as often as I had hoped they might.   When they have come, I’ve felt a sense of accomplishment that I don’t feel with basic maintenance.  

Here are my reasons to dealing with clutter.  I’m sure there are several similar lists, but I’m hoping if I write it that it will be more meaningful to me to look back on when I need a kick start.

  • Less to move around and put away when cleaning
  • Smooth clean surfaces
  • No more debating or not whether to keep it
  • Easier to find what you want
  • House looks better
  • Find things I’ve forgotten about.
  • Quicker to clean up before company

Well I’m off to sort through some of the kids books and toys before they wake up.

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New Years Themes Revisited

This point in the year many people are either on their way to reaching their goals or have forgotten about them.   The good thing about writing a blog is that I can look back and see exactly what my thoughts were and see how I’m doing.  At the end of December, I decided the themes for the year were organization, fitness, and social.  Here is a brief update on those areas plus 2 I’ve added along the way.

  • Organization—I’ll keep this one short since this is the focus of the blog.   Not where I’d dream I’d be, but still making progress.  I want to make more of an effort to actually deal with clutter rather than keep putting it away.  Broken toys, books I read, but didn’t like, dealing with papers.   I have started to make a dent on my closet.
  • Fitness—-making gradual changes on fitness.  Trying to get back to the fitness level and schedule I had this time last year.  Realistically, I’m going consistently to one fitness class a week and making it to the gym overall 2-3 times a week.  I’ve been doing Zumba more lately and figuring out the moves and getting less self-conscious about dancing.  I want to increase my time at the gym and be more consistent about doing some sort of exercise at home.  Push ups and crunches before bed.
  • Social—Probably the area that I’ve made the least amount of changes.  I’ve called some friends I haven’t talked to in a while, but haven’t made much of an effort to see people in person.  I’m hoping to set up some sort of party with friends for sometime in April.  Be it just hanging out, games, wine and cheese, or at home tea party.
  • Meditation—I’ve started focusing more on meditation.  I’ve read a mindfulness book and am doing the 21 day meditation challenge.  I’ve enjoyed doing the guided meditations and feel that I am better at reducing the mental chatter.
  • Travel—-Lately, I’ve been thinking more about traveling.  I miss it.  I want to go somewhere that my husband and I haven’t been and explore it together.     We have travel options surrounding races, weddings, hiking, or family adventures.  I’d love to do a hiking trip with just the two of us, but we have some details to work out.  It has been fun looking at possible options and dreaming of a break in the routine.  I know we’d enjoy any of the trips.

That’s where I’m at now.  Did you set New Years Resolutions?  How are they going?


Quote of the Week

“My outer world reflects my inner world. “

This was the quote from the 21 day meditation challenge that I signed up for through the Chopra Center.   I liked it because I hope I can use it as motivation to clean today.   I do notice how that a messy house does affect my mood.  I feel a sense of overwhelmed and of one more thing on my to do list.  It reminds me of things left that aren’t dealt with and makes me annoyed with my self and family that we let it get to that point.

Most other times I am annoyed by this type of quote.  There are plenty of people out there who have an inner world that is just as chaotic as mine, but who have a clean house. There inner chaos might come out through eating or anger etc.   It seems like an unfair attack on one specific area of weakness.

Today it was motivating to me.  How can I make my home more welcoming to happiness and calm?  How can my environment support/hinder my goals?

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Goals for the Day/Weekend

Good day!   I have a lovely unstructured weekend.  After a long week, I’m ready recharge and get back to basics.  Here are my goal for the day (or more realistically the weekend).  Nothing exciting, but hopefully it will help make next week more calm.

  • drink coffee
  • exercise (step class)
  • go to library
  • make a grocery list or get groceries
  • wash 2 loadsdry 2 loads, fold put away 2 loads
  • clean all toilets
  • clean all sinks
  • make kitchen not suck
  • plan for Monday
  • meditate

Wish me luck!


Quote of the Week

“There’s no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves”        Frank Herbert

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Me time and We time

My husband’s schedule changed and I see more of him which overall I LOVE.   It’s so nice to have someone else to talk to and share the daily parenting responsibility.   Some things are just more fun with other people.

The other side is that part of me is missing the me time or some of the routines that I got used to.  Little things like meditating more or watching my shows.  I’d clean during commercial breaks, but when he’s around we fast forward through the commercials.  Still sorting out that balance of when to get stuff done and how to spend free time. 

Finding that balance between couple, family, work, and self.  I’m giving up on finding “THE PLAN”.    I make it and don’t follow or life changes. 

Off to give some TLC to the house that has been ignored since family changes and work have hijacked my life right now. 



Quote of the Week

“You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.”  Denis Waitley

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New Routines

Routines are interesting.  Sometimes you don’t realize they exist until they change.  Everyone in the family has had or will have a major change in schedule this month.  Changes in work schedule, change in daycare, on vacation, done with vacation. Overall they are welcome changes, but there are so many questions bouncing around. 

  • Did we make the right choices?
  • How will the kids adjust?
  • How will it affect our free time?
  • Am I forgetting anything that I need to get ready?
  • When will everything change again?
  • Should I make plans or wait until things are stable
  • How will we do with waking up earlier?

The odds are high that everything will work out one way or the other.  There’s positive and negatives to every change.  Wish me luck!

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