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Shopping List

I downloaded an app for creating shopping lists on my phone.  I honestly have stopped using it for that task since it is more effort to add items and remove items than it is worth. I find I either write a list using a grocery list pdf or go without the list.

I have found that I like the app for recurring tasks and lists.  I have made a list of people I want to keep in touch with and will cross it off when I see them or call them.  It keeps me from forgetting to call someone or not knowing who to call when I have a bit of free time. 

I recently made a list of reoccurring chores.  I’m hoping that it will help me clean ALL of the house rather than just picking my favorite chores and doing those over and over.  I’m trying to use strategies that have worked for me in the past and using them again.  I am also seeing if I can apply a similar strategy to other areas of my life. 

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Ordinary vs Novelty

Whenever I have time off, I debate whether it is better to get the basics done well or go for novelty.   Part of me loves being able to tell people when I return the exciting things I did over my time off.  I love trying new things and seeing the kids have new experiences.

The other part of me feels like getting a head start on the basics allows me to relax more once the pace picks up.  There is something satisfying about having a clean house and food ready to go.  Unfortunately, it never feels like that clean feeling stays around very long.  I can put in effort and have nothing to show for it.

I think today I’m going to try for at home novelty.   Cleaning the house, cooking more complex recipes, playing longer games, and maybe a craft or a fort.  Then tomorrow I can try for an away from home adventure.

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