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Kick start

I am ready to kick start my day.   I love weekend mornings.  I love having the flexibility to relax and start getting tasks done.  I love having a loose deadline of tasks I want to complete before lunch or before going to the gym. 

I also love that moment where I am kick started into a cleaning burst.   I feel productive and motivated.  The time goes quickly and I move from one task to a next cleaning and organizing.  Unfortunately,   I don’t know how to start those bursts.  I’ve learned know that I can’t schedule them because I often loose endurance and often don’t get as much as I’ve hoped done.

I’m off to make coffee and French Toast.  Then I will start cleaning the house before a birthday party.   Enjoy your day!


Why of Cleaning

I am starting to figure out the reason why I want the house clean.  I’ve always felt like I should have a clean house.  I have a high tolerance for mess.   When I was in college, the mess became a frustration for my roommates before it bothered me.    It was something I felt like I should be better at , but something else was always more interesting and more meaningful to me at that time.  I’m starting to figure out when mess gets in my way and why I want it clean. 

  • I want to be able to show off my house and invite people over.  I want to be able to have neighbors come over impromptu and not feel embarrassed.
  • I want to be able to spend time with my family rather than cleaning.  We spent an afternoon cleaning as a family.  While it felt good that the house was neater,  I kept thinking of what else we could have done as a family instead had we maintained the cleanliness of the house. 

Off to bed.  It will be a fun, but busy day at work tomorrow.  Have a great day!

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Slacking off

I have been slacking off on house work lately.   I can’t blame it on time, lack of support, or the kids.   I’ve been lazy.  There were opportunities when it wouldn’t have taken that much longer to quickly get something done before relaxing or when I could have done something while I was talking with my husband. 

Here’s to trying to get back on track.  I need to step up my game with exercise and cleaning.  There is always an excuse if I want to find it.  Happy cleaning!

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Returning to What Works

I remember attending a workshop about organizing and the instructor asking about what used to work for you in the past.  She then asked why aren’t you still doing that.   In most of the examples that I thought of, there was no good answer.

I’m finding that now.  I got busy and cut out the stuff I know that helps me.  So I’m going to get back into what worked for me before.

  • Exercising to improve my mood
  • Monthly meal plans
  • Using same motivational techniques that worked for potty training to help motivate my daughter to read

Off to sort the kids clothes and put away summer stuff while the kids are playing downstairs.

Enjoy the weekend!


Quote of the Week

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over.”

John Wooden

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My Cleaning Style

So here is what I learned so far about my cleaning habits:

  • I clean more on the weekends than weekdays
  • I clean better when there is music on, but worse when tv is done
  • I clean the most when there is a social motivator (People are coming!!!)
  • I do best when I complete one type of tasks (all the windows, all the floors, etc)
  • I enjoy cleaning more when I have the house to myself and a clear deadline
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Quote of the Week

“Will it be perfect?  No.   Will we improve?  Yes.”


Back to Reality

I returned from camping.  The weather was cool, but the rain stayed mostly while we were sleeping.  My husbands race went well and we remembered almost everything.  The girls have the required amount of dirt and mess on their clothes and bodies.

Now back to reality.   Back to work and household tasks and projects that we didn’t get to while we were away and while we were preparing for the trip.

While vacations eat up a lot of time preparing and cleaning up after,  they have a power to motivate.  I know I won’t be able to a task the weekend I’m gone so sometimes I get it done earlier.  The vacation gives me something to look forward to and make some of the mundane tasks seem more bearable because the trip is coming or just happened.

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Filing :-P

I am finally tackling some filing that I’ve been putting off for work.  It was something that had a soft due date and a less desired task so it was always at the bottom of the to do list.  Finally, I decided to bump it to the top of my list.

Honestly,  it’s going pretty well.  None of the individual parts of the tasks are that hard.  I’ve gotten a few parts completed and I will be done soon enough if I keep it up.  If I had done this from the start, I wouldn’t have as much to do, but live and learn.

Trying to focus on what can I do right now to make various situations better.  Right now I think that is sleep.

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Self Care is not the Enemy

I’m starting to realize that self-care is not in opposition to productivity.  I say I’m too busy to exercise or socialize or meditate, but giving up those things does not guarantee that I will get more done.  Usually if I say I’m too busy,  I spend more time stressed out or dreading tasks than actually getting stuff done.  So I’d be giving up some of that time rather than productive time.

Now timing plays a role.  I’m not going to go out to a movie and dinner with friends the night before some huge day at work.  I may have to miniaturize the task to fit the current scenario.

  • Workout at home instead of hour-long class at the gym
  • Calling a friend instead of visiting
  • 3 minute meditation instead of following the program as written
  • Weekend getaway instead of week long cruise

It’s like Tim Gunn—-“Make it work.”