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Quote of the Week

“Bloom where you are planted”

A radio station recently asked people for their mantra and someone called in with this saying.  I loved that it referenced spring.   It kind of mixes the whole live in the moment and make lemons into lemonade philosophy. 


Quote of the Week

“Life is one big transition.”  Willie Stargell

At times, it feels like I’ve been waiting for my life to stabilize.   One more step and life with be stable.  If I don’t have to deal with (fill in the blank),  my life would be easier.  Clutter accumulates because I hold on to what was, what is now, and what might be later.  Depending on the day, I can see this quote as wonderful or frustrating.


Off to turn on music and paint my girl’s nails.

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Graph Paper Progress

I am trying a low budget low maintenance tracking of goals at work.  I took a sheet of graph paper (or in my case an intelligibility form) and divided it into two parts.  The plan is to take a highlighter and highlight boxes when I take steps towards my goal.

The top part of the paper is being used to track my fling.  Writing papers—can take time, but not that hard.  Printing papers—easy.  Putting the papers into the hanging filing cabinets in another room is my nemesis.  So every time I put a group of papers (one report etc) into the file room.  I color in one box.

The bottom part of the paper is being used to track my efforts towards using positive reinforcement strategies with students.  I have recently had several trainings regarding positive language related to dealing with behaviors and building rapport.  This part isn’t as cut as dry because there can be a grey area of what I could count.  I’m counting conscious decisions to build rapport with difficult students or situations where I used some of the  behavior strategies.

There will be no fancy graph, dates, or data points,  but there is an odd sense of satisfaction that comes with coloring in the boxes and seeing that visual of progress.

I’ll let you know how it’s working.  Maybe I’ll start one for flossing.  What simple ways have you used to monitor progress.


Quote of the Week

“I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards.  Abraham Lincoln

I liked this quote for today.  I’m having a kind of slow moving day.  Getting stuff done, but nothing is being done quickly and I’m loving it.  I like the freedom of having time to get stuff done without a huge time crunch and enjoying a slow pace.  I have mellow Pandora on in the background and sipping tea.  I will likely not have a huge to do list done, but I’m okay with it.

I also like the quote because it speaks to long term goals that I may be working towards, but not seeing dramatic changes.  The gradual lifestyle changes are sometimes the ones that are most likely to stick around.  As long as I don’t use this philosophy to avoid making changes, I think it can be very comforting and motivating.

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Recording vs Experiencing

Ideal world would involve “planning—doing—-recording—-repeat”.   Too often it seems like one of the areas is taking up too much time.

At work, it often feels like I spend more time recording what I am doing than planning or doing because of all the documentation and paperwork.   Recording is what allowed me to start running.  I liked being able to chart what I did and see how the time and distance compared to previous days.

Other times recording seems to interfere with the process.  It seems like one more than to do rather than actually doing it.  If you don’t plan, some thing don’t get done.  I’ve also spent more time planning and recording rather than actually making progress on the desired goal (helping kids, cleaning etc).

Currently I’m doing heavy paperwork and recording at work.   Those have a specific due date and are required by my job.  I’d love to spend more of my time planning quality lessons and working with the students rather than crossing due process items off my list.  At times, it feels like I am gathering data, but not using the information as productively as I could.

At home I’m the reverse,  I’m doing some chores and fitness, but I think I’d be able to see progress and be more motivated if I actually recorded what  I did or didn’t do.  I also want to spend more energy towards recording the moments with my kids so that I can recall those tiny details that are easy to forget to share with them when they are older.  I also waste time by not planning.   Not getting to the bank while it’s open or leaving the grocery store and not being able to figure out what’s for dinner that evening.

Off to actually get stuff done.  The internet can eat my time!

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Making machines work!

Nothing exciting.  It’s been a long week—lots of meetings and paperwork at work.  On the positive side,  I had a great workout class at the gym.  I have missed Tabata.

Tonight’s goal is to keep the circle of life going with dishes and laundry.  I started the dishes and laundry going.   I have time for another load of dishes before bed, but missed the window for getting another load of laundry in.  That’s okay because I still have 2 clean baskets of clothes to fold (never mind the one that will soon be in the dryer.  Off to put my work stuff away, send an important email, load dishes in the dish washer, switch laundry, and hydrate.

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Kids and cleaning

It was fun to see my daughter excited for cleaning.  She was excited to have the “Big Kid” come over and play with her.  The babysitter likely wouldn’t  have cared if the house was clean or dirty or sparkling, but it was a good excuse to get the housework done.   There was a time element of getting it done before she came at 10:30.  

My daughter was so excited to vacuum. She picked up toys and put the chairs on the sofa and got everything ready.  It made cleaning go so much quicker and more fun.  I’ll have to go out more often.   I get an afternoon with adults and help cleaning.

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