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Busy Weekend

I have a busy weekend ahead filled with company and parties.   The house was clean last weekend—shouldn’t that count?  Off to get stuff done.

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I learned something about my life through flossing.   I am flossing more.  Honestly, it’s not that flossing is my highest priority goal.  I want to do it more, but there are plenty of other goals that are more important to me.

The reason it is happening more is for a couple of reasons.

  • I am tracking it using a habit tracking app.  Every night I’m clicking whether or not I flossed.  It acts as a reminder for me to do it and also shows me how consistently (or not)  I have been doing it.


  • The other part is that it is something I can squeeze in right before bed because it is short and easy.  It almost takes more time to debate doing it than just to do it.

I’m hoping I can apply some of these ideas to some of my cleaning goals to make it more consistent.

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Internet Ban

    I’ve decided that time slips away from me when I’m online.  Most of it goes to Facebook and blogging.  I like the impact that both have on my life so I wouldn’t want to give either up.  I do want to limit the time that goes into these tasks and spend more time doing other things like cleaning, reading, and sleeping. I have never been good at eliminating foods or activities.  I do much better having things in moderation than a complete ban. I’ve decided to have limited internet usage after 9.   I may still access a music site or check the weather, but the goal is to be off the computer by 9.  I’ve tried it for a few days and have been moderately successful. I hope to make it a more consistent habit.

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Room by room tour continues.  The next region of the house is the kitchen.   Currently, it is in need of some TLC.   My husband started the dishwasher.  I washed a few cups and have a pot soaking.  There is so much more cleaning to do!!

The kitchen easily becomes a catch all for dirty dishes and papers.   I feel like most of my cleaning energy is spend on the kitchen.   Some nights tidying the kitchen or loading the dishwasher are the only chores I get to.   Apart from eating out, anyone have any suggestions for cleaning the kitchen faster?  Or do I just have to suck it up and accept how much time it takes?  How much time do you spend cleaning the kitchen?

Off to go clean the kitchen and off the internet!

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Room by Room

I decided I’m going to write a post about different rooms or areas of my house.  I liked having the structure to the blog that the A-Z Challenge provided.  I decided to start where the room I am in now:  the family room.

What I like

  • Plenty of seating
  • Play area for the kids
  • Fireplace
  • Photos of trips for artwork

What I want to change

  • The desk is a mess
  • Working on an efficient paper management system


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End of A-Z

I completed the A-Z challenge.  It wasn’t as much work as I thought it would be.  After blogging everyday, the idea of committing to blogging on specific days doesn’t seem too bad.  I enjoyed having a writing prompt.  I blogged about topics that I might not have otherwise.  It was fun meeting new people and blogs.  Overall, it was a success.

Now I am off to start a week off from work.  My focus is on trying to plan out some key tasks and visits and filling in the rest of the time spontaneously.  Today I’m hoping to plan out the recipes I want to cook and wash the floor.  Have a great day!

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