In Pursuit of an Organized Life

. . . putting life in order


Here is an update.  My blogging has gone down considerably in the past few months.  Hopefully I can change that.    Here are random thoughts about my cleaning/organizing progress recently

  • Cleaning counters and vaccuming more
  • Cleaning bathrooms less
  • Busy organizing and cleaning at work
  • Getting better at doing small bursts of projects (I may not have the time/motivation to wash the whole kitchen floor, but  I will spot clean
  • Still using the filing system for papers—but have yet to file or sort through things that have been placed in there
  • ALMOST done unpacking from the latest trip
  • Enjoying the sunshine and being able to go outside more in the summer
  • Still liking my weekly tasks organizer–almost completed all of them this week (here’s hoping)

Have a great weekend!

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