In Pursuit of an Organized Life

. . . putting life in order


Here is where I am at now.

  • Cleaning ——-I would not have won any awards this month.  Between the new job and getting everything set for my oldest starting Kindergarten, swim lessons, and summer adventures, cleaning was one of the things that took a hit.  Today I am ramping up for a clean since we have friends coming over.  I need to invite friends over more often—it may be the only way things get done.


  • Fitness    I made it to the gym 13 times and am planning on signing up for a  5 mile Thanksgiving run.  It has motivated me to run more than I would have, but I have not put in the miles that I would like.  Luckily I still have some time. 


  • Daily goals—I have stopped tracking them.  I have to find the sheet again—-it is probably near the tv remote which has been missing for over a week.  I’m still thinking about the goals, but tracking them really did help get more of them done. 


  • Work—-I am figuring out my new position or at least learning what I need to learn.  I got a lot of firsts out of the way—-first time with different assessments, home visits, IFSP, etc.
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Quote of the Week

“Will it be perfect?  No.   Will we improve?  Yes.”


Quick Clean

I am learning how to appreciate and complete the “quick clean”.  How to make the house presentable (not spotless) in a short period of time.  I will embark on that in a little bit.  I try to start at my front door and scan for the biggest messes.  I clean those up and then scan again.

Usually these involve tidying the foyer and front room.  Followed by the kitchen counter and family room.  It helps me avoid tidying up a drawer and then getting mad when I run out of time to clean up some glaring mess.   The whole floor might not get swept, but the worst of it under the kitchen table would likely get done.

I still feel like I am on a roller coaster of messy/clean/messy/clean, but that’s an improvement from very messy/less messy/very messy/less messy.  It’s all relative.

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I’m a few weeks into a new job and my oldest starts kindergarten in the fall. So much uncertainty and potential. How will we both do? Are we making good choices? How long will it take to adjust? Will we make new friends?

I’m missing having those systems that I had worked out from my old job. I had ways that I kept track of things and organized tasks and papers. Did I use them consistently? Not always. Did they need to be tweaked? Sure, but I had a system.

They aren’t there yet for my new job. I’m hoping I don’t miss things or goof up too many times before I figure it out. I realize with newness comes a learning curve and mistakes. I also don’t want to spend too much time designing a system before I understand the expectations or find an easier way to do it.


Since writing the draft of this post.  I’ve mellowed out some.  Still have the same questions, but a little less urgency.  September will be a crazy month for all.  It will be trying to find the balance between investing a little extra time in the new areas to help them go smoothly and not tipping the balance and becoming stressed and overwhelmed. 

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Daily Success!!

Today is the first day that I completed all of the habits I’d like to complete on a daily basis.   I even ran upstairs to floss so that I could write this post tonight. I started tracking this list a week ago hoping to take steps towards living a balanced and happy life.

I colored in all the little boxes and highlighted the column so that I could more easily see my success.  I’m hoping that this will be the first of many of these days.  Success breeds success right?

Here are some fun facts:

  • Most consistently completed–read book
  • Least likely to be completed–clean counter
  • Average number of habits completed per day 4.75 (out of 9)

I should finish my drink and get some sleep.  Enjoy your day!

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Daily Habits

For the next month, I want to focus on my daily habits.  Typically my goals have focused on long-range plans (clean out closet, sort papers, etc) or on weekly chores.  I want to focus on the daily tasks so that I can see progress faster and so that those simple tasks become something I do rather than an additional chore.

Here is what I selected:

  • Clear counter
  • Clear tables (kitchen and coffee table)
  • Clean for 15 minutes (any cleaning or organizing)
  • Floss
  • Exercise
  • Meditate/Journal
  • Talk to friend/family (not including husband and kids)
  • Practice letters/numbers with daughters
  • Read book (me or the girls)

Most of these tasks are something that I could do quickly or could spend various lengths of time doing.  Hopefully that will allow me to have some flexibility, but remain consistent.

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Day in the Life

I have a day to myself to get stuff done.  YEAH!!! Hopefully it is productive.  I figured I’d keep track of how I spent my time to A) Motivate me to be more productive.   B) Help me know how I spent my time incase I get frustrated that I didn’t get more done.

4:50-6:00  In and out of sleep—-really weird dreams

6-6:30  Play on computer

6:30–8:00 Get kids ready for school and drop off

8:00-8:30  Load laundry and start this post 🙂

8:30-9:00  Fold and put away kids laundry.  Sort through pants drawers.  Refill coffee

9:00-9:40  Transfer Laundry.  Wash mirrors, toilets, and sinks.

9:40-10:38 Send emails, Talk with insurance. Pay Bill.  Tidy counter.

10:38-11:43  Load dishwasher, Talk with mother in law, and Eat lunch outside.

11:43-2:12   Watched American Beauty and folded laundry and MASSIVE pile of socks.


Well I think that’s good for now.  Enjoy your day!

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