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Mental Health

I’m excited for my new resolution.  I’ve struggled with wanting to improve several areas of my life, but not knowing how to do that without getting overwhelmed.  I found an article ” Understanding Anxiety from a Different Perspective: Treat anxiety from a lifestyle approach”.

It linked all of my goals into one theme—fitness, hobbies, cleaning, family, and stress.  It gave a purpose and a reason behind them.  It also keeps me from obsessing to much about any one area.

I think this is particularly meaning full for my cleaning and organizing goals.  I wanted to have a clean and organized house.  I’ve envied other people that could do it seemingly effortlessly.   It had always seemed like something I had to do and should do and added to my stress and anxiety.

We are currently in the middle of a kitchen remodel.  I am actually enjoying organizing and gradually moving from a state of construction chaos to an organized home.   I’m seeing how the mess is affecting my mental health when I can’t find what I need, lost something, or see clutter sneak back into something I just cleaned.

Hopefully I can continue this energy as I approach the year.   Make meaningful changes without getting to frustrated with my progress or loose momentum.   Here’s to waking up this website and a clean and organized 2018.

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