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Spring Cleaning

I have unintentionally started spring cleaning.  I sorted through some boxes that have sat in my room for months.  I am currently in the process of cleaning out a closet and trying to organize my work supplies. 

I am trying to get rid of items, but there is a feeling of I might need that,  a flood of memories, or wanting to double check with my husband before throwing it out.  I also am thinking about how much time I’m spending dealing with stuff that I haven’t touched in months or years or have never used.  Part of me wants to get a small portion of my life really simplified so that I can see what it is like. 

For now, it is biting off small pieces and going from there.  We shall see what happens.  

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Welcome Spring

My husband has started spring cleaning early.  He has emptied out and cleaned the living room, kitchen, mud room, and foyer.  Still have to attack the large pile of stuff that was in there which I am dreading.  I feel a little bit like the Wizard of OZ—Pay no attention to the junk in the front room.  If it was me, I wouldn’t have tackled this big of a project, but that might be why it never gets done.  Luckily I have some time to do that so I can’t use lack of time as an excuse for now.

Now we have to get used to maintaining it.  The main goal is keeping surfaces clear and wiped down.  We are having discussions about what is allowed back on the counter.   Once there is a little pile of stuff, it’s pretty easy to accept another little pile of stuff.  All of a sudden the counter is cluttered and its a huge pile to deal with.

One step at a time.  I thought I’d be better at this by now.   Old habits die hard I guess.