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Order of Operations

Remember in math class the order of operations. Honestly, I don’t really. I know exponents and parentheses are early and multiply and divide come before add and subtract. I know at one point I used to remember some acronym for it.

Anyways, I saw a Facebook post regarding it and it got me thinking about the order that I do different tasks and chores throughout the day and week. Some things really don’t matter as long as I get them all done. Other tasks make the most sense to do a certain way—-cleaning out the fridge and then getting groceries makes for less work.

I am getting better at it. I started the laundry and dishes at the beginning of the nap. It gets it started so I can change the laundry and empty the dishwasher later in the day. It is also more likely to happen now than after I have sat down on the couch. Next step, watch tv show/movie while folding a pile of clothes. The girls are not supportive of my folding efforts and think it’s quite cute to climb in the basket or “help me” fold. It also allows me some time to myself and to watch a show that I like without interruptions. Well, I better go before they wake up.

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