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Technology and Productivity

I’ve been thinking about the role of technology and productivity. There are so many tasks that require the internet/computer/technology. For my job, I use online report writing software, plan for future sessions, and communicate with co-workers and parents. When my computer is down, I feel lost, but I am able to do tasks that are equally important that get pushed away such as cleaning my office, looking through materials, and filing papers. While it drives me insane when the network is down at work, there is a sense of relief and permission to do other tasks. It reminds me of that Jack Johnson song that I love called “Breakdown” where he fantasizes about the train breaking down and being able to take a moment to relax.

At home, technology has a slightly different role. I use it at times for work tasks at home. I also use it for music, tv shows, facebook, blogging, news, and schedules. It’s amazing how I can look at the clock and see the time that has vanished while I was on the computer.

I thought about having a technology sebatical for one day or for the weekend. At first, I was thinking no computer. Then I started making exceptions. Well I can use the computer for weather and gym schedule. Email is important too. What about Pandora while I clean? I decided a good sebatical would be no Facebook or Blogging for the select amount of time.

Then my tablet arrived in the mail. I knew I didn’t have the will power to not touch my new toy. To have a technology break while playing with a tablet seemed counterproductive. So I will postpone this idea and maybe do it at a later date.

For now, I will try to use my technology for good instead of laziness and use in moderation.

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