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Finding the Spark

I find that if one area of my life is going well.  The rest follows suit.  It’s just finding that initial ‘spark’ to get it going.  I’ve felt like I’ve been dragging the past few weeks.   I got tasks done, but not that many and it felt like I was in auto pilot.

This past week I’ve had more joy and sense of purpose. We got the house cleaned for the visitors on Saterday and had a good visit with them.  The cleaning tasks seemed to take less time than I remembered.  I’ve been using my weekly task system more to see what I’ve gotten done.  I tend to use it to check in mid week and at the end of the week to see where I’m at and what areas I’m behind in (fitness, organization, me time, etc).  I feel like I have more of a plan as far as what I’m doing with daycare, days off, and projects.

Now to figure out how to maintain this energy and how I found it in the first place.  Is this week less stressful or did I just have a better outlook?  Was my life more in balance?  Who knows.  Probably a combination of all of those and a few more I haven’t figured out.  Good luck finding or maintaining your spark.

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