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Slow start—-Fast finish?

Starting with a lazy morning.   I have played on the computer and watched a show and drank a lazy mocha (coffee and cocoa mix) for several hours.   Luckily I woke up early so it is only now 8:30.   Hoping for a strong finish because the kitchen exploded.  Dishes, toys, clothes, clutter everywhere.   The temperature has dropped significantly today.  Perfect for a hermit day of cleaning.  I have some surprises for the children to hopefully motivate them to help.  Below is a list of tasks I hope to accomplish.  Wish me luck!

  • Sweep floor
  • Hand wash dishes
  • Load dishwasher (at least 2 times)  1 2
  • Wash, fold, and PUT AWAY 2 loads of wash (plus the ones not put away yet)
  • Shower/bath
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean tubs  1 2
  • Retire summer toys and clothes  (my clothes switched)
  • Make grocery list (printed grocery list template)

I’d like to get more done, but I should also be realistic.   Hopefully my husband will notice the difference when I get done.

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