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Guest Bedroom

I spent over an hour working on organizing my guest bedroom. This time I did better at not lingering on each item and just sorting into piles. It probably helped that I wasn’t sorting through photos and cards. The pile of stuff was overwhelming at first. I just tried to take random boxes of stuff that I put in there so I could deal with them “later” into organized piles. I have Christmas stuff, SLP materials, office supplies, photos, containers, gifts, and a pile of my husbands stuff.

I am so glad that I did that before I started seeing REALLY good deals at school supply sales. I have so many folders and notebooks. Now they might not all match and they might have some writing in them, but for most purposes they will work.

The next step is to put the piles into containers and then find a place to store it. I was no mood to do that yesterday. (By that point, my daughter was also up.) Luckily I also have a large pile of containers—bags and boxes and storage bins. 🙂 If nothing else, I should be able to make a pile of boxes in the corner rather than a sea of clutter spewing over the floor.

Hope your projects are going well.   Mine are plucking along.   Not as good as I had dreamed, but still making progress.   Have a great day and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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