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The Highlighter

I am currently on spring break without kids.    I want to enjoy the time, but I also want to get projects done.   I found a spring cleaning list and made a list of other tasks I want to accomplish.   I acknowledge that I will not finish everything on my list.  The challenge is to take the large list and make it a  motivator instead of a source of stress.  To make it a reason to get off of the couch not as a mountain that seems too large.

My solution—the highlighter.   It allows me to see what I accomplished instead of crossing it out.  It emphasized what I have gotten done instead of what is left to do.   If I get to the point where there is more yellow than tasks, it’s time to change colors or get a new list.

Off to work on the list—first on the list exercise—-then check on banana bread.

Have a great day!

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