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Productive Lull

I am hopefully coming out of a productive lull. Lately, I haven’t been cleaning or getting projects done. I haven’t been writing in my journal, blogging, or exercising. I haven’t been looking at to do lists. I’ve been focusing on what I need to get done right now or tomorrow (and sometimes not even that).

Below is a list of reasons or excuses for this lull (some more valid than others):

  • Returned from a trip–return to normality
  • Family member in the ICU
  • Not sleeping well
  • Enjoying time with girls
  • Missing my Dad
  • Laziness
  • It’s Summer
  • Storms
  • Busy bursts at work

Honestly,  I’m okay with the lull for the most part.  I think I was in need of a reboot, but I know it can’t last for ever.  Stuff needs to get done at some time.  I need to get back into a routine of exercise.  And eventually we are going to run out of quick meals that can be thrown together.

I’m trying to find ways to incorporate cleaning into other activities.  The conversations with my husbands are not that different if I do it while picking up clutter.  I’m making a rule for myself that if I want coffee, I have to tidy the kitchen while I’m doing it.  Hopefully it will shift some of these skills from a chore to a routine.  No matter how tired I am—I brush my teeth before bed because that is what I do.

Off to bed!

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