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Vacuuming & Goals for the Week.

I am beginning to appreciate vacuuming.  I like seeing the tiny crumbs and fluff disappear. I like the physical feel of pushing the vacuum and that it can be done fairly quickly.

The main reason that I value it is because it forces me to deal with the clutter on the floor.  It motivates me and sometimes the kids to pick up the toys.  Who knows how many of those little Squinkies live in the vacuum.

Goals for the weekend

  • Get groceries
  • Vacuum (picked up to be vacuumed)
  • Go to gym
  • Report for work 80% done
  • Plan Tuesday (work)
  • Quick clean bathroom
  • Get outside

That should be enough, but achievable for 2 days.  There should still be some flexibility to tackle other projects or find some time to relax.

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