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I learned something about my life through flossing.   I am flossing more.  Honestly, it’s not that flossing is my highest priority goal.  I want to do it more, but there are plenty of other goals that are more important to me.

The reason it is happening more is for a couple of reasons.

  • I am tracking it using a habit tracking app.  Every night I’m clicking whether or not I flossed.  It acts as a reminder for me to do it and also shows me how consistently (or not)  I have been doing it.


  • The other part is that it is something I can squeeze in right before bed because it is short and easy.  It almost takes more time to debate doing it than just to do it.

I’m hoping I can apply some of these ideas to some of my cleaning goals to make it more consistent.

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Daily Success!!

Today is the first day that I completed all of the habits I’d like to complete on a daily basis.   I even ran upstairs to floss so that I could write this post tonight. I started tracking this list a week ago hoping to take steps towards living a balanced and happy life.

I colored in all the little boxes and highlighted the column so that I could more easily see my success.  I’m hoping that this will be the first of many of these days.  Success breeds success right?

Here are some fun facts:

  • Most consistently completed–read book
  • Least likely to be completed–clean counter
  • Average number of habits completed per day 4.75 (out of 9)

I should finish my drink and get some sleep.  Enjoy your day!

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Quote of the Week

“A habit cannot be tossed out the window; it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time.”
Mark Twain


Graph Paper Progress

I am trying a low budget low maintenance tracking of goals at work.  I took a sheet of graph paper (or in my case an intelligibility form) and divided it into two parts.  The plan is to take a highlighter and highlight boxes when I take steps towards my goal.

The top part of the paper is being used to track my fling.  Writing papers—can take time, but not that hard.  Printing papers—easy.  Putting the papers into the hanging filing cabinets in another room is my nemesis.  So every time I put a group of papers (one report etc) into the file room.  I color in one box.

The bottom part of the paper is being used to track my efforts towards using positive reinforcement strategies with students.  I have recently had several trainings regarding positive language related to dealing with behaviors and building rapport.  This part isn’t as cut as dry because there can be a grey area of what I could count.  I’m counting conscious decisions to build rapport with difficult students or situations where I used some of the  behavior strategies.

There will be no fancy graph, dates, or data points,  but there is an odd sense of satisfaction that comes with coloring in the boxes and seeing that visual of progress.

I’ll let you know how it’s working.  Maybe I’ll start one for flossing.  What simple ways have you used to monitor progress.


Process goals

Realistically, I know I will not have a sparkling house that is decorated and free of clutter. Certainly not this year, but maybe not ever. It’s trying to find tasks that I can be successful with and that will stick with.

I’m going to try focusing on process goals instead of results. Spend a certain amount of time on the house each day/week. That way hopefully it will help me to make it a habit and get stuff done. I’m hoping it will help me from getting frustrated that I didn’t get a task done, because I over estimated how long it will take. It should also help me from saying I’m done after completing a 2 minute task. As I do it more often, I should have less mess to clean and be more efficient at completing these tasks so I should get more done.

Now to figure out how much time. Do I want to do a weekly amount so I have flexibility to do more on days that I am in the zone or do I want a daily goal so I get in the routine of cleaning. I’m thinking of maybe separating the time into main level and the rest of the house.  Maybe I will separate it into cleaning and organizing.  Or maybe I should spend more time doing cleaning and less time thinking about it.

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