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Guest Bedroom

As my mother was coming into town, I unlocked the door to the guest bedroom. It’s probably the least used room of the entire house. It’s probably used as a guest room 20-30 nights out of the year. The rest of the time it is a dumping ground. We put things in it so we don’t have to deal with it and then lock the door so the girls don’t get in.

Below is a list of items in the guest room (that I know of):

  • dozens of picture frames that need pictures
  • random wall art from my husband’s youth
  • broken mini pinball machine
  • gift wrapping supplies
  • possible presents
  • random papers from SLP workshops and past jobs
  • folders and notebooks
  • Costumes and maternity clothes

Now I have to figure out to do with the room.  I’d like it to be more useful than a dumping ground and an occassional bed, but I’m not sure what to do with it.  We may turn it into my daughter’s bedroom once she out grows the crib.  I thought about turning it into an office, but I like being close to my husband so we can chat.  I hate having it under used, but I also don’t want to put a lot of work into it and then re-do it.   I suppose the first step is to deal with the clutter and get rid of what I don’t want then go from there.

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New Mail System

I started a new system for sorting my mail. I found that we tended to have a pile of papers of new and accumulated mail that would migrate from place to place and often never get dealt with. We’d lose important things or forget about coupons or gift cards until they expired.  Now I have a portable hanging file box with different folders—-me, my husband, coupons/gift cards, to file, and other.

Ideally, I’d file everything once and not touch it again, but in reality there is stuff I want to have handy or stuff I need to ask my husband about.  It gives the paper a single landing ground instead of several mini piles scattered through the kitchen and dining room. It’s a way better system than where they were previously in a paper bag in the formal dining room.  We have similar paper bags in our bedroom that we hid for a party and months and months later STILL haven’t sorted.

Hopefully this helps.  Like anything, it has to be used to work.  I’m hoping it helps us pay bills on time and get through items that need to be discussed faster.  Did I mention I hate dealing with papers?  At least this is a step in the right direction.

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Where are my keys?

I found myself searching for my keys, purse, and shoes frequently in the past few days. I tend to set these items down absent mindedly and not recall when or where I did it. At home, there are specific spots that I will place these items or places that they will happen to land based on my routine or habits. I’m visiting family so I don’t have those routines or habits. Also sometimes my husband or family will move them to be helpful or keep them away from the girls. I think I know where all of those items are currently, except for my shoes. The nice thing is I know that they are all in the house.

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I’ve been thinking about photos.  We just had a family photo and the girls’ pictures taken.  In case you were wondering, they turned out super cute.  We don’t take the formal portraits often and we are inconsistent about taking pictures with our camera.  How many pictures do you take? What do you do with the ones that you take?

I often forget to take pictures or choose not to take them.  Sometimes it feels odd to make everyone stand in a line and take pictures or snap shots while people are doing things.  My dad had a nice way of getting everything documented and taking those special moments.  His theory was film is cheap.  Now with digital its even cheaper.  You take 50 pictures and  to get the 1 or 2 really good ones.  My sister grew up and caught the photography bug and I learned to rely on his photography skills and let him and my sister document it.  I enjoyed just being a part of the action rather than documenting it.  I am not great at multi-tasking or figuring out stuff like lighting.  Luckily my husband enjoys photography.

Then the organizational part is what do you do with either the professional prints or how to organize the digital photos into something meaningful.  We still have a pile of photos we didn’t get handed out from the last set of photos.  Some that I intended to mail but didn’t get around to or ones that I didn’t get framed.  I’ve joked that I’ll hand out some of their extra baby pictures when they get their senior pictures done.  Then what to do with the digital prints.  I enjoy making and having the photo books.  They take up so much less space than traditional albums and  I’m not crafty or patient enough for scrap booking. I love that you can change the layout and fit several or a single image on the pages.  I really enjoy having the photos as a screen saver on my computer.  It’s such a fun way to remember and chat about past events.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Efficient or Artful Procrastination?

Today is my day to group tasks together.  I am baking muffins and cookies as well as cooking Hawaiian meatballs.  Meanwhile, the pile of laundry to be folded is multiplying in the living room.

My theory is that doing one big burst of cleaning is better than 3 little bursts and constantly feeling behind.  Most of the time once I get started on a task I don’t mind it as much as the thought of doing it.  We’ll find out after I complete both tasks whether that was the case or not.

Unfortunately,  my plan was cut short due to 5 eggs.  I am one egg short for the cookies (had 3 of 4 needed)  and need 4 more eggs to make the meatballs.  I may be cooking and folding laundry late into the night.  Realistically some of it may not get done till tomorrow.  As long as it gets done, it’s all good.

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