In Pursuit of an Organized Life

. . . putting life in order


After significantly low motivation and whining, I did finally get some stuff done. Mostly the basics—-laundry, dishes, and picking up toys. If I didn’t have those three things to deal with, I would have so much more time and my house would look so much better. Unfortunately, I like eating, wearing clothes, and happy kids.

I did also tackle some organizing of boxes of junk. They were in the guest room but we moved the clutter into our room so the guest room is clean and so we could decide what we actualy wanted in there. I decided to sort a box of notebooks and random office supplies. Below is a list of what I found.

  • two pairs of scissors
  • two cassette tapes to study for my national SLP exam
  • scotch tape
  • poems from middle school/high school days
  • to do list pad (sorted by day of the week)
  • a variety of  thank you and note cards

Have you found anything interesting or lost while cleaning?  Well I’m off to relax before the girls wake up—the little one is already making noises.  I’m trying to will her back to sleep.

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