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Cooking vs Cleaning

I like to cook and find it relaxing.   I am not a gourmet chef and typically don’t cook meals that take long than 1/2 an hour to prep.   I find that I can kind of zone out into the details of the task.   It doesn’t happen all of the time, but most of the time once I am started I enjoy the task.

Cleaning on the other hand, I typically avoid.  The two tasks has several similarities. Both:

  • Require attention to detail
  • Incorporate movement (fine or gross motor)
  • Have to be redone on a daily and weekly basis

I think if I could find more ways to make them similar I might like cleaning more.   What’s the difference?

  • Home cooked meals have immediate feedback (kids/husband like not like) while cleaning often goes unrecognized
  • Spend less time cooking than cleaning
  • Cooking smells better
  • Cooking forces me to stay in a small area and I’m less likely to get distracted
  • Kids are willing to help with cooking

Let me know if you see any similarities or difference.   It may be simply a frame of mind theory.   If I think it is meditative and peaceful, then I will enjoy the task more.

Enjoy your day!


Just Finish

The goal for the week is to finish tasks that I start.  I tend to take breaks and not get back to it until much later.  More often than that is that I get distracted.  I start emptying the dishwasher and decide I should load the washing machine or read to the kids or make a phone call.  Then it’s remembering or having time to return to the dishes.

I remember reading about if you don’t have time to do it now, when will you have time to finish it.  The task may take less time, but there is less satisfaction in completing a partially done task than in completing a new task.  There is a different feeling between taking care of the dishes and making the kitchen look okay and giving it a deep clean.

Speaking of finishing.  There is a load of laundry that is calling to be folded.

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Weekend with a Clean House

We went out Friday night and had a sitter for the kids.   We cleaned the house so that it would look good and she wouldn’t have to step over any major messes.   The side effect is that now the house is mostly clean before the weekend.   I still have to vacuum, but it feels nice to know that the basics are done.   We have people coming next weekend as well so I will have to keep it clean.   Maybe my husband picked that weekend to try to help me get into better habits.  I suppose there is always more to do, but at least I will be doing different chores.

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Lazy Weekend

   I remember feeling like something was wrong or that no one liked me if I had some free or unplanned time.  I hated the uncertainty. 

    I am so excited for a lazy weekend.   As an adult, I’ve learned to appreciate the slower moments.   Catching up on the chores and doing mundane tasks seems relaxing and productive.  We had two great family outings last week filled with foods, friends, and shows.  Mix that with the fact that a new school year is upon us and comes along with changes.  The busyness has shifted from I have to work out and clean to I GET to take time to focus on the house and routines.  Hopefully that motivation will stick around so that the house can progress from scary to my normal to clean.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you choose to do.

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