In Pursuit of an Organized Life

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Time Invested

I’m starting to realize that organization and exercise are more about time invested than a plan. I have spent time reading books and researching cleaning plans, schedules, and charts. Sadly, I’ve often spent more time on those plans than I did actually cleaning. I did the same thing with exercising. I’d pay for personal training sessions and not follow the plans that were created. Plans are great because they keep me “I’ll do it later” and help me stay focused. They also help create a rhythm to life that can be calming. However, sometimes they add unnecessary pressure. I feel like a failure if I don’t do a specific chore on that day or life happens and plans change.

I’m trying to keep it simple and just invest sometime into exercise and cleaning everyday. I’m still using the Chore Master and am currently on Level 4. It helps me to see my progress and see what chores I’m consistently neglecting. I’ve also started the Nexercise app. It’s a similar idea for exercising. You get points, levels, and medals for completing exercises. You can get bonus points by trying new exercises or exercising a certain amount. You can connect with friends and have discussions on message boards.

Once I can make it a habit, I can work on making it better. I’d rather spot clean the floor than wait until I have the time to give it a complete scrubbing. I think I will see more progress being consistent than having high levels of motivation for short periods of time.

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