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New Mail System

I started a new system for sorting my mail. I found that we tended to have a pile of papers of new and accumulated mail that would migrate from place to place and often never get dealt with. We’d lose important things or forget about coupons or gift cards until they expired.  Now I have a portable hanging file box with different folders—-me, my husband, coupons/gift cards, to file, and other.

Ideally, I’d file everything once and not touch it again, but in reality there is stuff I want to have handy or stuff I need to ask my husband about.  It gives the paper a single landing ground instead of several mini piles scattered through the kitchen and dining room. It’s a way better system than where they were previously in a paper bag in the formal dining room.  We have similar paper bags in our bedroom that we hid for a party and months and months later STILL haven’t sorted.

Hopefully this helps.  Like anything, it has to be used to work.  I’m hoping it helps us pay bills on time and get through items that need to be discussed faster.  Did I mention I hate dealing with papers?  At least this is a step in the right direction.

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