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Daily Habits

For the next month, I want to focus on my daily habits.  Typically my goals have focused on long-range plans (clean out closet, sort papers, etc) or on weekly chores.  I want to focus on the daily tasks so that I can see progress faster and so that those simple tasks become something I do rather than an additional chore.

Here is what I selected:

  • Clear counter
  • Clear tables (kitchen and coffee table)
  • Clean for 15 minutes (any cleaning or organizing)
  • Floss
  • Exercise
  • Meditate/Journal
  • Talk to friend/family (not including husband and kids)
  • Practice letters/numbers with daughters
  • Read book (me or the girls)

Most of these tasks are something that I could do quickly or could spend various lengths of time doing.  Hopefully that will allow me to have some flexibility, but remain consistent.

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Quote of the Week

“You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.”  Denis Waitley

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Adaptability vs Routine

I have transitioned past the point where I feel like I can survive  returning back to work.  I’m still trying to figure out how I can get everything I want to get done at home and at work, but it doesn’t seem like some un-achievable task anymore.

I’m trying to find the balance between planning and routine and flexibility and adaptability.   On one hand,  I know that if I don’t plan when I will get tasks done, the tasks won’t get done.   The other part of me says that I have to take it day by day and be gentle with myself and do what I can.  I want to make a commitment to exercise, get the house clean, and spend quality time with the girls and my husband.  I also know that there are days when I need to focus on self care.

I haven’t found a system  to get that balance.  I know I like having the house at a basic level of cleanliness.  I can relax better if I don’t have to see a pile of clutter and a list of chores I should do.  I know I feel better when I work out.  I know I want to spend quality time with my girls.  I know I will have to take some work home since I can’t stay late or arrive early.

It’s just how to plan and schedule.  Do I do a task from each category daily?  Do I schedule vertically and have Mondays be workout, Tuesdays family, etc?
Do I not schedule and just let the mood and situations of the day guide my actions?  How do I not place pressure on myself while still head in the direction I want to go?  Having a schedule can make you feel accountable and takes out some decision making, but it also can lead to rigidity of doing something even if it doesn’t make sense for that day.  I could plan and then life happens and I have to real plan.  Or I can not plan and regret choices I made because they are the easiest, but not necessarily the best long term decision.   Ah, life.  If you have the answer, let me know.

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Process goals

Realistically, I know I will not have a sparkling house that is decorated and free of clutter. Certainly not this year, but maybe not ever. It’s trying to find tasks that I can be successful with and that will stick with.

I’m going to try focusing on process goals instead of results. Spend a certain amount of time on the house each day/week. That way hopefully it will help me to make it a habit and get stuff done. I’m hoping it will help me from getting frustrated that I didn’t get a task done, because I over estimated how long it will take. It should also help me from saying I’m done after completing a 2 minute task. As I do it more often, I should have less mess to clean and be more efficient at completing these tasks so I should get more done.

Now to figure out how much time. Do I want to do a weekly amount so I have flexibility to do more on days that I am in the zone or do I want a daily goal so I get in the routine of cleaning. I’m thinking of maybe separating the time into main level and the rest of the house.  Maybe I will separate it into cleaning and organizing.  Or maybe I should spend more time doing cleaning and less time thinking about it.

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