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Process goals

on January 2, 2012

Realistically, I know I will not have a sparkling house that is decorated and free of clutter. Certainly not this year, but maybe not ever. It’s trying to find tasks that I can be successful with and that will stick with.

I’m going to try focusing on process goals instead of results. Spend a certain amount of time on the house each day/week. That way hopefully it will help me to make it a habit and get stuff done. I’m hoping it will help me from getting frustrated that I didn’t get a task done, because I over estimated how long it will take. It should also help me from saying I’m done after completing a 2 minute task. As I do it more often, I should have less mess to clean and be more efficient at completing these tasks so I should get more done.

Now to figure out how much time. Do I want to do a weekly amount so I have flexibility to do more on days that I am in the zone or do I want a daily goal so I get in the routine of cleaning. I’m thinking of maybe separating the time into main level and the rest of the house.  Maybe I will separate it into cleaning and organizing.  Or maybe I should spend more time doing cleaning and less time thinking about it.


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