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March Goals

Here are some goals and plans for March.  I have a few more days to brainstorm and prepare.  I have some time off so I should be able to have more time to get some of it done.

Established plans

  • Go to ice show
  • Go to Wedding shower
  • Movie party


  • Visit gym 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  • Finnish book
  • Play a board/Card game
  • Sort through tiny toys
  • Sort through puzzles
  • Go to museum
  • Watch the snow melt!!!
  • Register for a race


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No Excuses

I have the week off.   I have no excuses not to make progress on cleaning and organizing.   If I don’t get it done,  it’s because it is a choice.  I may not be aware of it in the moment, but I can’t blame it on lack of time or resources. 

I admit that I have a higher tolerance for mess than many other people and I don’t enjoy cleaning.   However, I’m also learning the value of having a clean house so that our home can be inviting and reflect what we value. 

Here are my goals for the week:

  • Watch professional video
  • Drop off donations
  • Work on paperwork
  • Go to gym  1 2 3 4

Wish me luck!

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Cleaning Emotions

I find that different emotions and energy levels have different affects on my cleaning.  I tend to clean the worst when I am sad or tired.  When I am sad, I tend to curl in and be lazy.

I clean the best when I am happy or angry.   Happy makes sense to me.  When I’m mad,  I also tend to get a decent amount of cleaning done.  I’m not sure exactly why.   I tend to just have excess energy and want to funnel it towards something.  I think it takes the bouncing thoughts and heat and makes it something simple.  It was dirty now it’s clean.   I don’t tend to get mad that often.  Maybe I should. 

Well off to get ready for bed.  It’s been a LONG weird day.

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Which one is it?

I had a Facebook friend who talked about being annoyed with people who are unorganized and wondering how much was being lazy and how much was not knowing how.  For basic cleaning, a lot of it is more related to being lazy or time management skills.   I know where my books should go and how to clean a toilet.  In regards to paperwork and purging clutter,  I know some of it in theory.  I get stuck on what do I keep, what should I toss, what should I store elsewhere.  I’m worried that I’ll get rid of something I want later or toss out something by mistake. 

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