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Enjoying cleaning?

I actually enjoyed cleaning.  My daughter had fallen asleep on the couch while listening to Wicked on the main level.  I decided,\ instead of staying downstairs and tip toeing around her I would go upstairs and get stuff done there.

I brought up my laptop turned on TED talks and started scrubbing the bathroom.  I loved it.  It felt good to get the grim off and to get that task finally done.   I’ve done quick bathroom cleans—-toilet, mirror, and sinks.   However, it’s been a while since I’ve done the floors, shower, tub, and cleaned the make-up and toothbrush holders.

Granted it probably would have gone faster if I had just cleaned versus also listening and selecting the next talk.  My goal was to get stuff done and relax so speed wasn’t as important.  The cool part was that since I spent so much time cleaning upstairs, I did a burst of cleaning downstairs before my husband got home.

Unfortunately, this energy and joy didn’t stay the whole week, but at least I know it’s possible.  Hopefully I can harness that today for the main level.

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Quote of the Week

Housework  is what a woman does that nobody notices unless she hasn’t done  it.
Evan  Esar

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Chaos then Calm (hopefully)

We are in the process of cleaning out our attic and closet.  Right now the house is a mess.  The guest room is filled to the top with stuff.  Other areas have extra stuff as well.  We have discovered all sorts of “treasures” that we forgot we had.

Right now it feels like a disaster.  Good news is an old Christmas tree and bed frame are now gone.  I also found some shirts that I forgot about or lost.  Hopefully when its all done we will have less stuff and more functional spaces.     We are at the point of no return and have a lot of work ahead of us.

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New Purse!!


I found a new purse!   I am so excited.   I found it at a used clothing store after unsuccessfully trying to find pants that fit.

Reasons I love it!

  • Durable
  • Long handle
  • Zipper closure
  • Big pockets
  • Fits big new blue wallet and epi pens (for allergies)
  • Only $25
  • Big enough to fit what I need, but doesn’t look like a beach bag
  • Feels grown up
  • Neutral color


I don’t care if it’s designer or a knock off.   I don’t care how much it was originally worth.  I don’t care that it was used.   Hopefully I can keep it from being a catch-all and cluttered.  I’m trying to keep things I don’t want to put away right away or random receipts in the outer pocket so that it doesn’t clutter the inside.  I’ve found a home for cell phone, keys, gym card, and other key items.  Any tips for keeping purses neat?  Or finding the balance between having what you need and keeping random stuff that will never get used?

Have a good day!

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Weight lifted



I checked out the book “Lose 200 LBS. This Weekend” by Don Aslett.   The book describes the risks of clutter, the benefits of de-cluttering, types of clutter, strategies for de-cluttering, and success stories.  The book is well-organized and easy to read.  There are lists, bullet points, headings, and quotes which makes the book easy to scan and find what you are looking for.

I read a total of maybe 20 pages out of the 176 pages.  Paging through and reading a little bit from each section.   The book helped me to find the why of organizing and permission to throw away some of the items that I was holding onto.

The result??

  • Put new books away
  • Take out infant/toddler books from main shelves
  • Remove baby toys from main level and basement play areas
  • Sorted some catch-all toy bins
  • Started de-cluttering the garage (increase from 0 to 2 cars in garage)

I would say that I (with help from my husband) met the 200 LB Weekend.   The house looked nice for my husband’s family.  I still have probably 600 LBs left, but that will have to wait for another day.

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One box done

I sorted through one box of random papers and junk.   I’m trying to stay positive and tell myself it’s a step in the right direction.  It’s nice to have it out of the way, but it feels like such a minor step.  I still have other boxes and items that need to be dealt with.  I tried not to spend too much time debating items or creating a photo album instead of de-cluttering, but the flip side of that is that it felt like piles were moved rather than conquered.

I always have visions of grand organizational changes.  If I only had a few hours, my fill in the blank (closet, paperwork, mail, books, photos, etc) would be beautiful.  Sometimes it feels like it takes forever to see any noticeable progress.  Usually these urges to tackle big projects happen when it’s time to tackle the basics and make the house presentable for visitors.


Off to get something done rather than think about getting something done.

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Quote of the Week

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

Stephen  R.  Covey

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Due Dates

I decided that I love due dates.  It helps me prioritize and get things done versus waiting until some random time in the future.  The proximity of a due date gives me an added boost to get the job done.  I hate being late and missing deadlines even if they were soft deadlines.  If someone says they will be here at 5 and it’s 5:15, it bugs me.  Rationally, I know 90% of the time it will be fine, but  there is a part of me that just goes crazy.  If they say they will be here between 5 and 6.  I am cool with them coming at 5:15.

I’ve had about 5 different people at work say some variation of me being detail oriented and rule bound.  I never necessarily saw myself that way, but the odds of that many people commenting on it and ALL OF THEM being wrong are slim.  I told my husband that and he was surprised.  At home, I don’t have the same sense of productivity and drive that I do at work.  It got me thinking about the difference and how to make myself more productive at work.  The chores that I like the best are the ones with some sort of natural cause and effect.  No laundry—-no clothes.  No cooking—-no eating.  No grocery shopping—no food.

So I’m trying to thinking of ways to make my housework more structured.  I do well with trying to get a certain task done before X happens.  I’ve tried setting up a schedule like Mondays I clean bathrooms, but I know it’s contrived and so it’s easy to make an excuse (kids, tired, etc).   I’m off to tidy the kitchen and start sorting through either kids books while their sleeping or start on sorting through summer clothes to see what I need.  Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

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