In Pursuit of an Organized Life

. . . putting life in order


Here is where I am at now.

  • Cleaning ——-I would not have won any awards this month.  Between the new job and getting everything set for my oldest starting Kindergarten, swim lessons, and summer adventures, cleaning was one of the things that took a hit.  Today I am ramping up for a clean since we have friends coming over.  I need to invite friends over more often—it may be the only way things get done.


  • Fitness    I made it to the gym 13 times and am planning on signing up for a  5 mile Thanksgiving run.  It has motivated me to run more than I would have, but I have not put in the miles that I would like.  Luckily I still have some time. 


  • Daily goals—I have stopped tracking them.  I have to find the sheet again—-it is probably near the tv remote which has been missing for over a week.  I’m still thinking about the goals, but tracking them really did help get more of them done. 


  • Work—-I am figuring out my new position or at least learning what I need to learn.  I got a lot of firsts out of the way—-first time with different assessments, home visits, IFSP, etc.
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Daily Success!!

Today is the first day that I completed all of the habits I’d like to complete on a daily basis.   I even ran upstairs to floss so that I could write this post tonight. I started tracking this list a week ago hoping to take steps towards living a balanced and happy life.

I colored in all the little boxes and highlighted the column so that I could more easily see my success.  I’m hoping that this will be the first of many of these days.  Success breeds success right?

Here are some fun facts:

  • Most consistently completed–read book
  • Least likely to be completed–clean counter
  • Average number of habits completed per day 4.75 (out of 9)

I should finish my drink and get some sleep.  Enjoy your day!

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New Years Themes Revisited

This point in the year many people are either on their way to reaching their goals or have forgotten about them.   The good thing about writing a blog is that I can look back and see exactly what my thoughts were and see how I’m doing.  At the end of December, I decided the themes for the year were organization, fitness, and social.  Here is a brief update on those areas plus 2 I’ve added along the way.

  • Organization—I’ll keep this one short since this is the focus of the blog.   Not where I’d dream I’d be, but still making progress.  I want to make more of an effort to actually deal with clutter rather than keep putting it away.  Broken toys, books I read, but didn’t like, dealing with papers.   I have started to make a dent on my closet.
  • Fitness—-making gradual changes on fitness.  Trying to get back to the fitness level and schedule I had this time last year.  Realistically, I’m going consistently to one fitness class a week and making it to the gym overall 2-3 times a week.  I’ve been doing Zumba more lately and figuring out the moves and getting less self-conscious about dancing.  I want to increase my time at the gym and be more consistent about doing some sort of exercise at home.  Push ups and crunches before bed.
  • Social—Probably the area that I’ve made the least amount of changes.  I’ve called some friends I haven’t talked to in a while, but haven’t made much of an effort to see people in person.  I’m hoping to set up some sort of party with friends for sometime in April.  Be it just hanging out, games, wine and cheese, or at home tea party.
  • Meditation—I’ve started focusing more on meditation.  I’ve read a mindfulness book and am doing the 21 day meditation challenge.  I’ve enjoyed doing the guided meditations and feel that I am better at reducing the mental chatter.
  • Travel—-Lately, I’ve been thinking more about traveling.  I miss it.  I want to go somewhere that my husband and I haven’t been and explore it together.     We have travel options surrounding races, weddings, hiking, or family adventures.  I’d love to do a hiking trip with just the two of us, but we have some details to work out.  It has been fun looking at possible options and dreaming of a break in the routine.  I know we’d enjoy any of the trips.

That’s where I’m at now.  Did you set New Years Resolutions?  How are they going?



Here is an update.  My blogging has gone down considerably in the past few months.  Hopefully I can change that.    Here are random thoughts about my cleaning/organizing progress recently

  • Cleaning counters and vaccuming more
  • Cleaning bathrooms less
  • Busy organizing and cleaning at work
  • Getting better at doing small bursts of projects (I may not have the time/motivation to wash the whole kitchen floor, but  I will spot clean
  • Still using the filing system for papers—but have yet to file or sort through things that have been placed in there
  • ALMOST done unpacking from the latest trip
  • Enjoying the sunshine and being able to go outside more in the summer
  • Still liking my weekly tasks organizer–almost completed all of them this week (here’s hoping)

Have a great weekend!

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