In Pursuit of an Organized Life

. . . putting life in order

Better than nothing

This week’s goal is to get most of the areas of the house clean. I don’t care if its perfect, just get it done. “Once you know it is possible, then you can work on making it better.” I don’t know where the quote is from, but I love it. I think it keeps me from getting overwhelmed or focused on perfection. It also helps me from making excuses. I sometimes wouldn’t attempt to look through a pile of stuff, because I didn’t know where my husband’s stuff goes. I’ve also not vacuumed because there was a pile of stuff. The pile of stuff is still there, but at least the floor around it has less dirt and crumbs.

So far the main level is tolerable. Dishes washed, vacuumed, toys mainly picked up, clutter at the bottom of the steps cleared. We are still waiting for shelves to help with organizing the toys. The dining room is still a holding spot for a ridiculous amount of clutter. I vacuumed the upstairs and the steps earlier.

This week’s goals:

  • Clean Bathrooms
  • Clean Bathroom Floors
  • Clean Kitchen Floor
  •  Match and Sort kids socks
  • Determine locations for toys (waiting on shelves)
  • Reduce clutter on dining room table

None Organizing Goals:

  • Journal/Meditate
  • Take Tabata class
  • Do Kettleball Workout or Swim
  • Set up and try running intervals
  • Be social with someone other than my husband
  • Go to Penzey’s Spice Store
  • Plan Week of Lesson plans
  • Complete/start CEU
  • Cook or bake something to freeze

Now it’s written down so maybe it will increase the odds of it happening.

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