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Pick Up

on April 19, 2014

P is for pick up.  I will be starting to do that after I write this and my Q post.   Well, honestly first I will make coffee.   I vacuumed last week, but did a really hurried pick up so the counters and tables and floor are too cluttered.   I don’t mind the task, but I tend to get easily distracted.  I will put one thing away and then start cleaning a different area.  I will straight or organize an area I wasn’t planning on.   I might take time to reminisce and look at books or photos.   I do the best when I can force myself to stick to small visual spaces.  

  • Clean up stuff on big chair
  • Clean up behind chair
  • Clean up coffee table
  • Clean under coffee table

If I can stick to those objective steps and stay on task, I am much more motivated and see progress faster.   Now to find ways to get the kids to help me more.  I am trying to get them in charge of cleaning up a small section of the house that is primarily used for their toys.   Clean up this room before we do __________.  They want me to help them and I am trying to do less and direct more.  If you have any tips or blog posted related to kids cleaning up, I’d love to hear about it. 


One response to “Pick Up

  1. I tend to start something and before I’m finished I start something else. Then I get frustrated…lol My daughter has 6 kids so if you get any tips on how to get kids to clean up please email them to me and I’ll pass them along….

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