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Just Finish

on September 20, 2014

The goal for the week is to finish tasks that I start.  I tend to take breaks and not get back to it until much later.  More often than that is that I get distracted.  I start emptying the dishwasher and decide I should load the washing machine or read to the kids or make a phone call.  Then it’s remembering or having time to return to the dishes.

I remember reading about if you don’t have time to do it now, when will you have time to finish it.  The task may take less time, but there is less satisfaction in completing a partially done task than in completing a new task.  There is a different feeling between taking care of the dishes and making the kitchen look okay and giving it a deep clean.

Speaking of finishing.  There is a load of laundry that is calling to be folded.


One response to “Just Finish

  1. Cindy says:

    Good insight. I remember reading at another website – that discusses organization & household chores. That author suggested one day a week of “catch up”. It was a day to do all those kinds of chores & projects that were started, but not finished – or ones that we’ve been procrastinating.
    Good luck with your goals & have a great week!

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