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Ordinary vs Novelty

on August 19, 2014

Whenever I have time off, I debate whether it is better to get the basics done well or go for novelty.   Part of me loves being able to tell people when I return the exciting things I did over my time off.  I love trying new things and seeing the kids have new experiences.

The other part of me feels like getting a head start on the basics allows me to relax more once the pace picks up.  There is something satisfying about having a clean house and food ready to go.  Unfortunately, it never feels like that clean feeling stays around very long.  I can put in effort and have nothing to show for it.

I think today I’m going to try for at home novelty.   Cleaning the house, cooking more complex recipes, playing longer games, and maybe a craft or a fort.  Then tomorrow I can try for an away from home adventure.


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