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About the kids

on July 10, 2014

I have decided that today is all about the kids. Playing with them and getting them involved in activities. I am still doing the basics on house work and spending time on my own, but the main focus is engaging with them.

Since last night, we have . . . .

  • made strawberries sundaes
  • went to the splash pad  (me too)
  • played a phonics and letter game
  • played with indoor snow
  • had lunch outside

Nothing horribly fancy, just simple joys.  It’s nice to have a focus and get to other stuff as time allows.  The other part that is nice is that I have learned that I can’t completely take off from housework.  I make my life harder later if I avoid dishes and laundry and basic cleaning for another day.  I snuck in the dishes before going to the splash pad and am on my way to put in a load of laundry.

Have a great day!


One response to “About the kids

  1. Candy S says:

    Fantastic!! That is just the way to do it … 😀

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