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Estimation and Honesty

on June 8, 2014

I’ve decided time management comes down to a few main skills.  For me, I’ve been thinking mainly about estimation and honesty. 


     How long will the task  ACTUALLY take?  The tasks that will just take 5-10 minutes often end up taking much more time when you factor in set up, clean up, drive time, etc.  The other side of the issue is tasks that I dread and put off that in reality only takes 15 minutes out of my life—less time than it took me to convince myself to do it.


     Honesty is the realizations of the situation.  If I am tired and cranky and burnt out,  I will likely get less done or take longer to do the same tasks.  I may be able to complete the drive in 4 hours, but realistically I will probably want to take a break, drive slower, or leave later than intended. 

I read a great post by 365 Simplify that discussed taking what you need and kindness towards yourself I think that factors into productivity. Taking what you need instead of running on fumes and not beating yourself up if the to do list is not completed.


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