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Z is for Zoo.   My family is currently deciding if we want to get a membership to a zoo or museum this year.  We have done a membership to both in the past.  Typically it takes about 2-3 visits as a family to make the membership worth the money.  The trick is guessing how much it would be used. 

If I know we will be going at least 4 times a year, it’s a better deal to buy the membership and save money.  Other times, we think we will go and end up not going as much as we thought.   We may also feel forced to go to that specific place rather than doing other activities.  There are also other options that are free or minimal cost that the children like as much if not more than some of these places.  When budgets were tight, it was nice to have an option that was already paid for.   However, there were sometimes hidden costs such as gas and parking.  We are lucky to live in a place that has so many options.

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