In Pursuit of an Organized Life

. . . putting life in order


on April 21, 2014

R is for run.   I went for a run today!   I am trying to be more consistent.    In many ways, organizing and running have a lot in common.

  • Both require consistency
  • If you stop doing either one, it feels like a lot more work once you start up
  • Setting short term and long term goals make a big difference
  • I was reluctant starting both of them
  • Both topics are popular blog themes
  • Both seem to come easy to some people and a mystery to others
  • Both have the potential to greatly benefit my life

I just came back from the store with dishwasher detergent.  Off to start it.  Maybe I will have time for two loads tonight! 


4 responses to “Run

  1. Suzy says:

    Good comparison. I go with the flow so I guess I would be disorganised to some and I don’t run. But I do walk 🙂

    Dropping by from A to Z

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