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Let it Go

on April 13, 2014

Let it Go felt like an appropriate “L” word.  I have listened it while cleaning several times thanks to my  young children 🙂  I’m also working letting go of what I can’t control or when I made a different choice.  For example, this weekend I had a lovely social and family weekend.  No school work got done.  Minimal cleaning was done.  I’m choosing to “let it go” and be okay with my choice. 


4 responses to “Let it Go

  1. Love the title of your blog! In pursuit . . .that’s me, always chasing after it, always wanting it, but never quite able to live an organized life. I have learned the wisdom of letting go – sometimes.

  2. I have to learn when it’s the right thing to let it go. Letting go of work for family time is definitiely the right thing!

  3. Being able to let go is a magical healing thing! BRAVO visiting from #a2zchallenge from

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