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Good Weather

on April 8, 2014

G is for good weather.  Spring has arrived or is at least here for a visit.  There is a sense of lightness in going outside without gloves, hats, boots, and bulky coats.  I loved feeling the sunshine and watching the girls play with chalk, bubbles, and scooters.

I must admit that I completed very little on the first nice day.  I can’t blame it completely on the weather.  There was some straight up laziness mixed in. I am happy that I could spend some downtime in the sun with my family.

The nice weather made me think of my spring to do list.  Keeping the house clean while still making progress on the outside chores.  Gardening and mowing the lawn eat up time, but are more fun than tidying and washing.  Some of the outside chores have more of a timeline. The garden needs to be in by a certain time to make the most out of the growing season.   The weather may not cooperate on the day that we planned to complete outside chores.


4 responses to “Good Weather

  1. I thought good weather was here until we got hit with another cold front and rain two days ago. I hope you have better luck. Have a great A to Z month.

  2. It’s more fun to make an outdoor “to do” list at this point. Happy spring!
    Raising a Dragon

  3. I am so glad the weather is getting warmer. Wish the rain would stop but it is April after-all.

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