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on April 6, 2014

F is for freezer.   I am trying to clear out the freezer.  I am trying to use up food in my freezer so  I don’t keep the same bag of peas at the bottom of the freezer for years and just put new food on top of it. It will also make it easier to move the freezer to another room.

I am finding that mostly there are quick meals in the freezer.  I am hoping to find ways to make use of the garden and freeze healthy foods. 


13 responses to “Freezer

  1. Perfect job for spring cleaning.

  2. I know I have year old (store bought) chocolate chip cookies in my freezer. And I’m sure there’s other surprises in there, too, and lots of good intentions (like bananas I thought I’d use for banana bread). Have fun cleaning. It’ll be great when it’s done.

  3. I think me freezer is in a perpetual state of being organized. Never seems to actually BE organized, but points for trying. Happy A to Z!

  4. Bonniegwyn says:

    Hehe Sounds like me – eating my way through the cleaning process. 😀 Good luck!

  5. Hannah says:

    I’ve tried to do that too with my freezer but living in a student makes this task a lot more difficult!

  6. Carolyn says:

    We just put some food in the freezer, but our freezer is so small we can’t put a lot in it and is used up almost as fast as we put it in. It’s always spring time when even the freezer gets a cleaning. 😀

  7. It’s easy for food to get hidden in the freezer.

  8. Thank you for reminding me that I need to do this! My freezer has things in it that I don’t even remember putting in there (ew).

  9. I cleaned my freezer and found stuff that has been in there too long. Now to finish the refrigerator.

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