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on April 4, 2014

D is for Dirt.   I am not afraid of dirt.  I let the kids get dirty.  I figure they will outgrow their clothes long before they wear it out.  They have fun with it.   It is way less stressful than trying to keep two young children clean.

I should clean the dirt and germs around our house more often.   I get frustrated because, the dirt is only completely gone for about 10 minutes.  I think dirt is judged harsher than clutter.  I think many people are okay with piles, but if there is dirt than it is gross.  Dirt contains germs so I get the point to some extent, but clutter negatively impacts my life more than germs in many ways.


7 responses to “Dirt

  1. Shawn Yankey says:

    I and my Mother would totally agree with you! We both hated to clean. But, my clutter is not even dusty, and I know where everything is. Clutter can be an artform of organized choas.
    Shawn from Laughing at Life 2

  2. You make a good point that clutter is not really judged negatively unless your house resembles that of a hoarder’s on TV. But it’s funny how the more clutter you do have the more dirt your house attracts (and your brain!).

    #929 from the A to Z Challenge

  3. Interesting distinction, between dirt and clutter. Dirt does get a bad rap. I think clutter has a better reputation because people may think it means your busy and productive, like an eccentric professor or scientist who’s got better things to do than clean. Whereas dirt just means you’re a slob. It’s unfair really. I’m going to start sticking up for dirt.

  4. I am an eccentric scientist and my very small apartment is quite cluttered. I guess the stereotype is true, lol. Although I’m glad to find people don’t view clutter as too negative.

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