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on April 2, 2014

B is for books.   I enjoy reading and have a collection of books to prove it.  Books have a way of telling a history of my interests and periods of my life.  They provide information and entertainment.

I am so excited that we will be building a new bookshelf.  Right now my bookshelf is a mess and is in some serious need of organizing.   I will likely purge some of them, but mainly sort them and stack them in a neat way.   I am excited for the project because it will be a trip down memory lane and a way to display the books and items I treasure.

On the other hand,  my bookshelves have stored books that I have read once or will get to “someday”.   There are many books that were amusing once, but I will never read again.  There are also books filled with information for reference that when I am in a moment where I need information I look to the internet rather than the resources I have.   I need to take a long look at my books and figure out which ones I want and which ones can find a better home elsewhere.

While I haven’t started sorting and purging books,   I have started changing where I get my books from.   I used to love bookstores and would buy several new books.  While I still love bookstores,  I am shifting more towards used books.  I will buy new for series or authors that I really like.   Most of the time I am finding that I can find a book to read on my shelf.   Finnish books that I started or read a book that my husband collected.   I am also buying books from garage sales and used bookstores.

FYI—Right now I am reading The Anger Advantage,   How Eskimo Babies Keep their Babies Warm, and Marley and Me.  



7 responses to “Books

  1. Chuck Allen says:

    I agree that books are a great way to look back and remember what was being read in years past. I love to browse through my old titles.

    Since I’ve changed to reading mostly ebooks it has cut down on my space issue. (I still have to figure out what to do with all these boxes of books, though.)

    Good luck with the A to Z challenge!

  2. Hi. Books take us to places we never ever imagined. Happy Blogging.

  3. Me too, I have trouble getting rid of books. Even books I’ll never read again. I’ll think, maybe a day will come when I’ll open that book and find just the right words to help me with something. My bookshelf is pretty messy, too. My rule is, if you can read the binding, the book’s in the right place.

  4. jerralea says:

    I love books myself and am a voracious reader. I get most of mine from the library to save money AND storage issues.

    However there are some books I will always want around me! It is good to sort through and only keep the meaningful ones. Others could be using the books that are sitting around our houses collecting dust.

    • I love the library, but sometimes have a hard time reading it before it needs to be returned. I hate having a delinquent account if I can’t renew the book. I use the library to taste new authors or for non-fiction resource topics.

  5. Stephanie Scott says:

    How exciting–more space for more books! I’ve been donating books quite a bit, either to my library, or the YA promotional books I get (or ones I’ve bought and read) go to a juvenile psychiatric ward where a writer friend is building up their library.

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