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Yeah! Ear plugs!

on December 4, 2013

I’ve discovered a secret towards my productivity.  Tiny orange pieces of foam.   I keep simple ear plugs in my work bag and pull them out when I want to concentrate.  It keeps me from listening to every conversation and getting distracted by every noise.  It doesn’t block everything out, but it’s enough to turn a loud conversation into a quiet one and eliminate small noises.   I was amazed at how much more work I could get done when they were in. 


2 responses to “Yeah! Ear plugs!

  1. I can never make those things work for me. Is there a trick I don’t know. I put them in, the feel awkward and I hear just fine. Any advice?

    • Sometimes twisting or squeezing them a little before putting them in help. Sometimes it may take a few tries so that it expands the right amount so that it is tight. It can’t block out all of the sound, but it helps take the edge off (shouting to normal conversation level). You could try the large construction headphones as well. They cover the whole ear. You can buy them for like $5-10.

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